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those provisional ballot because we already sent you one that you didn't mail in. state law says you have to wait ten days before you open those provisional ballots and count them. now this will matter if the margin is close. let's say it's under 100,000 and say 200,000 provisional ballots were cast. but state officials are convinced that they'll be able to call the election tuesday night, that they won't have this problem. but certainly both parties have been, you know, alerting people to the possibility of this. they've put lawyers in place. they have poll watchers all across the state ready to monitor this. but certainly could be an issue to watch tuesday night. >> we do not want to be counting ballots on november 17th. that would not be a good idea. mark and ed, get back to it. we'll see you here again. thank you so much. >>> in this week's office politics, my conversation with tom brokaw. we talk about the crossroads this country has come to and what the history books may say about this election. but i began by asking tom how hurricane sandy compares with the many other natural
unanswered, uncalled. we're all so unprotected. >> her son-in-law took us in took our neighbors in across the street and offered us -- he was the most generous, most hospitable. i am just so grateful that he did that. >> it's getting colder as we go, all right? each day is colder than the day before. >> and just minutes ago the state of new jersey began rationing gasoline sales. meanwhile, new york governor cuomo says 8 million gallons of gas have arrived since the new york harbor reopened. even more is on the way. also new today, the pentagon will set up free mobile fuelling stations in the new york area. that's going to help ease those miles long lines. outside the few open gas stations there. while many are frustrated, they admit their situation could have been worse. >> let's go to nbc's katie tour on the new york city west side fours by that gas station. so how are the lines looking today, katie? >> reporter: they are very long since very early this morning. they got a fuel delivery at 5:00 a.m. this morning. at 10:00 a.m. they ran out of fuel. five hours and they ran out. the line i
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Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)